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Sequoia Highlanders
Member Since: May 2011
Email: patti@jasirisana.com
Website: http://www.sequoiahighlanders.com
A small breeder of Highlanders and Savannahs where our kittens are raised underfoot as part of the family. Our website will be coming soon!
Virginia Hunter
Member Since: May 2012
Prattville, AL
Tel: (334)5789867
Email: southlass@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.southernhilandr.com
We are a small family run cattery. All of our cats live among us. I have children ranging from 4-15 and the cats/kittens are handled by them daily. When they leave here they are very well socialized!
Wild@Heart Highlanders
Donna Verba
Member Since: May 2011
Mena, Arkansas
Tel: (479) 394-5643
Email: tagiar@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.wildathearthighlanders.com
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Our Highlanders are very special not your average kitty. They will fetch, play hard, sit, beg do tricks, very easy to train and leash train, most of them love to ride in cars. Highlanders have great personalities loyal, smart, will wait for you at the door, amazing breed not your average cat, you won't understand until you have one, and then one is not enough. Highlanders come with a Triple AAA rating; Adorable, Addicting, Amazing!!!! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO.& get on the waiting list. Donna Verba | Create Your Badge

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